How to install an Adaptec driver on older CentOS and Red Hat computers

I spent the better part of a day trying to get an Adaptec SAS card installed on Red Hat Enterprise Linux AS 4. The RPM from Adaptec kept bombing when I tried to install it. It kept bombing because the kernel that we are running is not officially supported by Adaptec. I did some searching and found this general outline on how to work around the problem. We are using this SAS card to attach to an external tape drive. So far everything seems to be working great. Consider my experience a guideline but I think it contains the spirit of the install.

1. Install the RPM using  “rpm -ivh adpinv.rhel4qu6.x86_64.rpm”

The RPM reports that no modules were installed because no matching kernel version is found. Mine said something about line 2 is not happy.

2. “cd /usr/adaptec/adpinv”

3, “mkdir temp”

4. “cp adpinv_prebuilt.tgz temp/”

5. “cd temp” your path should be /usr/adaptec/adpinv/temp

6. gunzip adpinv_prebuilt.tgz

7. rm -f adpinv_prebuilt.tgz

8. Make a copy of the desired module to one that matches current kernel name eg.

“uname -r” = 2.6.9-101.ELsmp

“cp adpinv-2.6.9-67.ELsmp adpinv-2.6.9-101.ELsmp”

9. Create custom adpinv_prebuilt.tgz

tar  * > ../out.tar

gzip ../out.tar

cp ../out.tar.gz ../adpinv_prebuilt.tgz

10. run install script ”

cd /usr/adaptec/adpinv/”


11. reboot (which worked fine) or

insmod module (this made my box kernel panic)

12. After the reboot/insmod you can run”lsmod” to make sure the scsi driver is loaded. You can also look in /lib/modules/your_kernel_version/kernel/drivers/scsi/your_driver/your_driver.ko and make sure it exists.


Good luck

  • Andrew says:

    Hi John,

    What happens when you want to use the 1045 on a newer CentOS like CentOS 6.5 with kernel 2.6.32-431?

    I’ve got the 1045 and an LTO4 drive (on the cheap), want to set something up to do long term archiving… Do I have to use an old CentOS release, or have you figured out a better way?


  • john says:

    Hi Andrew,

    I have a new job and don’t work for the company I had this issue with. A quick look at the Adaptec site shows a RPM for RHEL 5 which should work on CentOS 5. A little digging showed that CentOS 5 will be supported until March 2017 so I wouldn’t hesitate using CentOS 5.

    Thanks for visiting and good luck,


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